Welcome to Familias de la Esperanza

In 2006, the mission discovered entire families living and working in the city dump overlooking the resort of Puerto Vallarta. Our work started, simply enough, by bringing water, food, and clothing. It named the dirt road at the base of the dump "Hope Road,” gave each home an address, and registered the children so they could go to school. Today, none of these “Familias de la Esperanza” (Families of Hope) live at the dump itself.

Thanks to our supporters and volunteers, the children attend daycare, preschool and public school; kids are learning computer and English skills; and our first high school graduates are entering universities.  

This year marks an exciting new chapter in the mission: We are nearing completion of a 70-unit housing and community learning center at the base of Hope Road. It will house 500 men, woman and children, giving many, for the first time, true sheltered homes with running water, electricity, and modern appliances. 

The mission’s biggest challenges, however, still lie ahead. Help us realize our vision to empower the “Families of Hope” to become independent and self-sufficient. Help us help them become the teachers and mentors for future generations.